Top 20 Most-Competitive Chinese Game Company in the Global Market

Top 20 Most-Competitive Chinese Game Company in the global market

The “2020 Global Mobile Game Competitiveness Report” jointly released by Gamma Data and Newzoo announced the 2020 “Top 20 Chinese Company in the Global Mobile Game Market”. Tencent, NetEase, Century Huatong, 37 Interactive Entertainment, and Perfect World are in The top 5.

According to gamma data, in 2020, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Germany have accounted for nearly 90% of the global market share. This proportion is still getting larger. The revenue Chinese companies created also mainly comes from these 6 markets.

Based on this, the report also revealed a list of China’s top 20 most-competitive companies in the global mobile game market.

TOP20 2020 Overseas Chinese Game

The overseas performance of Chinese games in 2020 is quite good. In addition to announcing the TOP20 game companies, the “2020 Global Mobile Game Competitiveness Report” also announced the TOP20 of domestic mobile games in important overseas markets. Since there is still some time before the end of 2020, some of the data are predicted.