“My Time At Sandrock” 100,000 wishlists achieved

“My Time At Sandrock” 100,000 wishlists achieved, will enhance makeup function

Today, Pathea Tech announced on Weibo that the 100,000 wishlist for the sequel of “My Time At Sandrock” has been fulfilled. To thank the players, they will improve the makeup function in the game

The official claimed that unlike “My Time st Portia”, “My Time At Sandrock” also adds custom like eye shadow, pupil and blush colors, and players can freely choose their favorite style, shape and color optimization features. And in order to achieve more comprehensive needs, men can also wear long hair with makeup.

“My Time At Sandrock” is the sequel to “My Time at Portia”. The background of the game is set in Sandrock Town, a desert town located between Portia and Atala, the capital of the Free Cities Alliance. In the game, players can collect resources through logging, gathering, digging, fighting, planting, breeding, etc., and process them in their own workshops to complete the order tasks of chambers of commerce and town residents, and let their workshops get better and better. And players can also see the content of surprise related to Portia in Sandrock Town, also they can see NPCs from Portia.

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