League of Legends mobile game in Taiwan

On December 7th, the League of Legends mobile game Taiwan server was officially launched

The game immediately reached the top of the free list and the fifth best-selling list within a day of its launch.

And its score on GooglePlay is polarized

Most of the players who gave a 5-star rating said that the game is highly playable and the game experience is good, while most of the players who gave a one-star rating said that they could not board the game and flash back problems. In addition, OPPO phones have serious login problem.

Riot’s general manager of Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Justin Hulog, revealed in accepting Taiwanese media Bahamut that in the future, the game plans to launch a unique hero character on the mobile terminal in “Wild Drift”.

In addition, Justin Hulog also stated that the version of “Wild Drift” has been developed over three or four years. More than 150 members have participated in the production of the game, and more fresh content will be added, such as the Battle Pass mechanism.  In addition, considering social factors, functions such as translation may be added to reduce the obstacles to international communication.

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