“Genshin Impact” music producer: Why can this game be a global hit?

How does “Genshin Impact” be successful around the world ? The Music producer: Chinese and Western cultural integration and collision can be good

On December 16, 2020, at the “Game Boutiqueization” sub-forum of the China Game Industry Annual Conference, Chen Zhiyi, the music producer of “Genshin Impact” of MiHoYo Network Technology Co., Ltd., used the original God music design concept and production experience Sharing as the theme, he delivered a speech in the form of telling the behind-the-scenes story of game music creation.

 Chen Zhiyi introduced the main style tone of the soundtrack of “Genshin impact”, and shared different music of the login interface, town, field exploration, battle, plot dialogue and publicity PV. He said: “The soundtrack of Genshin Impact was created by Chinese, and musicians from all over the world were invited to collaborate. It symbolized the openness and tolerance of Chinese culture.

Before joining miHoYo, Chen Zhiyi had an enriched experience in film and television soundtrack production. His previous representative soundtrack works include the movies “Captain of China”, “The Founding of An Army”, “Beijing No.81”, and “Macao Storm” series. Taking over the game project of “Genshin Impact” can be a very difficult challenge for him.

There are seven cities in the world of “Genshin Impact”, each with different cultural characteristics and art settings. Two cities have been announced, one is “Liyue” and the other is “Mund”. “Liyue” is oriental-styled city, beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers among them. While Mond is a symbol of free Europe, like the medieval architectural style of a European town.

Therefore, the music creation of “”Genshin Impact” also needs to find a matching musical language to interpret the rich in-game world. He used orchestral music as the main tone to add the world music elements. For example, Liyue has Chinese scenery, so he chose Chinese folk music, ancient tonal melody combined with Western romantic harmony branch and orchestral score. The city of Mund has medieval buildings and idyllic rural scenery. The music creation naturally draws on the language and rhythm of the Impressionist style, and has a compound beat.

In the future, with the updating of the map, more music elements like Middle East, Central Asia, and South America will be added to the soundtrack. Chen Zhiyi hopes to use a variety of musical languages to convey a message to players around the world: “Genshin Impact” presents the openness and tolerance of Chinese culture. The music in “Genshin Impact” was created by Chinese, and it invites musicians from all over the world to perform and record together, symbolizing the openness and tolerance of Chinese culture. It also reflects the integration and collision of Chinese and Western cultures.

Chen Zhiyi used two actual band recordings to confirm the musical elements of “Genshin Impact” that blended Chinese and Western music. One was recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the AIR Studios in London, England, and the other was with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The two pieces are both Liyue’s map music, one is purely western instrument playing Chinese mode music, and the other is Chinese instrument Guzheng playing western harmony language. Similar to this fusion of Chinese and Western culture is also a part of Shanghai culture represented by Shanghai. Kind of source.

In the speech, Chen Zhiyi also introduced the customized music design plan of the game, including different music dubbing on the login interface at different times, the distinction between urban music and outdoor exploration music, and the interval time when exploring music in the wild. It showed us the behind-the-scenes design of the soundtrack of “Genshin Impact”.

He also shared the music design of the game promo PV. The game promo has a large amount of information and needs to impress the audience within one or two minutes in a short time. Therefore, compared with the in-game music, the beats will be heavier, so the music design usually added rock, heavy metal, electronic music elements, hoping to impress the audience in a short time. Also all the music is developed by his own team.

As a phenomenon-level popular game released globally, the launch of “Genshin Impact” is undoubtedly a huge success for miHoYo. Behind the success of “Genshin Impact” is its rich cultural elements. The game music is undoubtedly It is an important carrier. As mentioned by Chen Zhiyi, miHoYo spares no effort to develop a game. Similarly, miHoYo’s music also possesses such a craftsmanship, which have contributed to the success.

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