Gamma Data “Chinese Mobile Game IP Market Development Report”

Gamma Data released the “Mobile Game IP Market Development Report”: Market revenue exceeded 100 billion.

Recently, Gamma Data released the “2020-2021 Mobile Game IP Market Development Report”. The data shows that in 2020, the revenue of IP-adapted mobile games exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time, and the core users exceeded 150 million.

Revenue from IP-based mobile game market exceeded 100 billion yuan

Gamma Data Research believes that in 2020, the revenue of mobile games adapted from IP will exceed 100 billion yuan for the first time, and IP is still an important driving force supporting the growth of China’s mobile game market.

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TOP10 Revenue of IP Adapted Mobile Games in 2020
Number 1 is “Peacekeeper Elite”

In 2020, a number of IP-adapted mobile games developed by Chinese companies, including “Peacekeeper Elite” and “Call of Duty Mobile”, have earned more than 1 billion yuan in revenue overseas. IP products have become an important layout for Chinese game companies to expand the global market.

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Nearly 50% of IP-based revenue comes from overseas market
Japan and South Korea are the main revenue sources

In 2020, the domestic revenue of these IP-based Top100 mobile games accounted for 50.7% of the total revenue, and the overseas IP accounted for 49.3%.

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Data from:CNG

In overseas regions, Japan and South Korea are the main IP sources for domestic mobile game products. The IP obtained from Japan is mainly console/single-player game IP and animation IP that are highly popular in China, such as SNK “King of Fighters”, “Samurai Soul” series, “Naruto”, etc, which is also the main subdivision of Japan’s overseas cultural export.

The main IP obtained from South Korea is the PC game. Korean PC games have a great influence in China. Whether it is the early “Mir” IP or the recent “PUBG”, it has accumulated a large number of core users in China.

Core users exceed 150 million, potential users exceed 260 million

According to the relevant calculation of gamma data, the current scale of mobile game IP core user exceeds 150 million, and the general user scale exceeds 180 million.

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60% of users paid monthly, 10% spend 500 yuan a month

According to gamma data, more than 60% of mobile game IP users have stable payment habits, more than 40% of IP users spend more than 20 yuan on mobile games every month, and about 10% are high-paying users with more than 500 yuan month spend, which leads ahead of non-IP users. It also reflected that IP users as a whole have a higher willingness and ability to pay for mobile game products.

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