2020 is ending, but the mobile 3A era may be coming !

On December 25, “Call of Duty Mobile” was officially launched in China. This mobile game, known as the “3A gunfight masterpiece”, has more than 60 million pre-registers on the official website before it went live. Even in 2020, when there are already some huge-on-internet games, this game can definitely be something.

On its first day of launch, “Call of Duty Mobile” rushed to the first on the iOS free list and the top five best-selling list. This is enough to see the influence of the game in the player community.

It became the NO.1 in the Free List

On many game streaming platforms, “Call of Duty Mobile” has become a hot search term

As the last masterpiece of Tencent Games to be launched in 2020, the market performance of “Call of Duty Mobile”, whether its popularity or reputation, can deserve the title of “Annual Finale”. As of press time, “Call of Duty Mobile” scored 8.1 on Bilibili and 8.2 on TapTap. The overall comments is positive.

 In order to make this “3A shooter masterpiece”, what efforts have the R&D team made?

Although there are some differences of 3A in PC and mobile games, the gamers are willing to use “3A” to describe “Call of Duty Mobile”, which is enough to prove its high quality. Alian, the producer of “Call of Duty Mobile” at Tencent Timi Studio, said in an interview, “The biggest impact of 3A-level IP on the R&D team is the all-round high standards” and “Everyone has a sense of mission doing this job”.

At the beginning of December 2020, on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Timi Studio, Shadow, the technical director of Timi J3 Studio, who participated in the production of “Call of Duty Mobile”, also publicly talked about the development of the game. He said that the team learned a lot of technical solutions and new production concepts, and changed the inherent research and development methods.

For example, in the past, the division of labor of the R&D team was to perform their own duties. When encountering conflicts such as graphics and performance, they may combine the finished products by weakening one aspect. But “Call of Duty Mobile” has changed this habit. The textures, materials, and effects are all discussed together, and the solution of the problem also requires that it be completed without harming other designs.

This 17-year-old world’s top shooting IP has made “Call of Duty Mobile” from the very beginning of the project, adhere to the concept of “the best in the industry”. From the role of the map, to the rendering of the screen, to the frame count, “Call of Duty Mobile” is aimed at the console-level experience. Through the comments and comprehensive scores of old IP players mentioned above, it can be intuitively understood that this mobile game does indeed.

The smoke bomb effect in the game is also more realistic

The smoke bomb effect in the game is also more realistic

On this basis, the Chinese version is added more sincerity.

Producer Alian said that the optimization for the national server started a long time ago, mainly in the improvement of image quality and accuracy and the improvement of game delay. Among them, the latter’s impact on shooting games is particularly critical. According to its disclosure, in several tests, the details of the novice tutorial and settlement process mentioned by the players are also the official focus.

In addition, the officially launched national server has also implemented the “empty warehouse change bomb” effect-there will be a short “pull bolt” action when changing bombs. Although it is just a small detail, shooting game lovers are addicted to it, especially for players who prefer to play single shots, this action can be called the “soul of playing sniper”.

From the initial research and development concept to developer’s sincerity in the middle and late stages, the birth of “Call of Duty Mobile” made us feel the persistence of the development team again.

In the field where they are best at, the philosophy of the R&D team is to “achieve the ultimate” at different levels

Timi’s ace R&D team is very well-known for making games.

The harshness of the project also means that each of their products needs to be the best at the time. The pattern of “Call of Duty Mobile” is bigger, because in addition to its market-level success, “Call of Duty Mobile” also bears the mission of COD genuine mobile sequel. All the R&D team faces are global COD fans and Assessment of FPS players. For a team that represents a high level of domestic in the shooting field, every aspect needs to achieve a higher level of “extreme.”

The first is technology. The positioning of “Call of Duty Mobile Game” is the “3A gunfight mobile game that is popular all over the world”. The team not only achieves the top in the industry, but also stands out in the global market. The benchmarking object even includes the PC side and the host side. This requires extremely high technical capabilities, so even the Timi team has always been in a state of learning.

According to Shadow, the technical director of Timi J3 Studio, the engine of “Call of Duty Mobile” is “a combination of cutting-edge technical solutions and Unity engine, rewriting many of the underlying rendering solutions of Unity.” The process also inspired internal ideas about the “Engine 2.0 Era”.

Light changes can be felt

The second is the extreme R&D attitude. As mentioned above, “Call of Duty Mobile” emphasizes the extreme in every detail. For example, in the design of firearms, try to ensure that the important functions and principles of the gun are consistent with the prototype gun, and strive to be realistic. The firing method, the position of the pull bolt, the baseline of the rear view, and the ejection port have been carefully polished. At the same time, the important material texture of the firearms is restored, and the players can feel it. This also shows the sincerity and sincerity of the team in the pursuit of high quality. determination.

 The details of the firearms are carefully polished

The last is the ultimate market coverage. The rare thing about “Call of Duty Mobile” is that it is backward compatible while meeting the needs of hardcore players and fans of the IP series. For example, the design of one-click mirror opening greatly reduces the threshold for players to get started.

It has both hard-core gameplay experience and easy-to-use operation feel, and the picture is still the top level. Judging from the current content and gameplay, “Call of Duty Mobile” on the one hand enhances the quality and immersion of future shooting products, on the one hand, it also brings back other pan-shooters who are on the verge of loss. FPS newbies are friendly enough.

Of course, the long-term performance of the national service of “Call of Duty Mobile” has yet to be verified. But what can be confirmed is that if this game can continue to stand at the head of the market, its value is not limited to the market level, but specifically tells the industry what a widely recognized 3A-level mobile game looks like and how to do it?

The long-awaited 3A era of mobile games may be officially opened soon!

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