TOP30 Chinese Mobile Games that have Successfully Gone Overseas in October 2020

TOP30 Chinese mobile games that have successfully gone overseas in October 2020: Apocalyptic Survival SLG’s income has doubled in two years, and moderate mobile games become a new hit.

Tranlated From Sensor Tower

The latest data from the Sensor Tower store intelligence shows the TOP30 Chinese mobile games in overseas market revenue and downloads in October 2020. The detailed list changes are as follows.

Top 30 by Overseas Revenue

The revenue of Genshin Impact of MiHoYo from overseas App Store and Google Play is estimated to be over 160 million USD, which broke the record for Chinese mobile games. The top three markets for its overseas revenue are Japan, the United States and South Korea, accounting for 35.6%, 27.4% and 11% respectively. Meanwhile Genshin Impact ranked #3, #5 and #4 on the October mobile game bestseller list in these three overseas markets.

Without any IP Genshin Impact impressed the US market with its high quality and became a success in overseas market.

Because of Genshin Impact the rank of most other games slide a little bit. However the overseas revenue of State of Survival from Funplus set a record high and entered the Top3. Another two apocalyptic survival SLG are Last Shelter: Survival and Age of Z Origins.

We reported before that apocalyptic games are very popular in abroad due to the science fiction movies. Now entering 2020, with the background of COVID-19 pandemic, these apocalyptic games gave players stronger sense of immersion, and that’s part of the reason for the increased revenue of those kinds of games.

According to Sensor Tower store intel, in the October this year the three apocalyptic games’ expected revenue are over 100 million USD, which is a Year-on-Year increase of 224% , ten times of that in October 2018, becoming the fastest-grown segment market.

Despite some similarity in gameplay and theme, the three games are heading for different market regions, “State of Survival” is mainly for Euro-America market and 65% revenue of “Age of Z Origins” is from US, Japan and South Korea. While “Last Shelter: Survival” has a much even revenue distribution.

In the aspect of differenciated genre, another well-performed game is the gangster-themed SLG mobile game “Mafia City”. The estimated revenue of this game since its launch in 2016 is over 870 million dollars, which is a long time head product in the overseas mobile games. The top markets with most revenue are Japan and U.S., which acounts 50% and 20% accordingly.

Top30 by Overseas Downloads

In October Genshin Impact has been downloaded nearly 1.4 million times in overseas Apple store and Google Play and became the No.1 on the list. The markets with most downloads are America, Japan and Indonesia.

A total of 9 games entered the list for the first time. In addition to the 3D shooting game “Ninja’s Creed” and the puzzle game “Brain Find”, there are music game “Smash Colors 3D”, match-3“Tile Fun”, FPS mobile game “Modern Strike”, SLG mobile game “Cooking Frenzy”, match-3 game “Tile Connect”, hyper-casual mobile game “Tough Man”and racing game “Racing Smash 3D”.

Due to the high cost of buying traffic in domestic market and the control of resources by large manufacturers, the living space for small and medium manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller. But looking into overseas market, except for the hyper-casual games and several other mature markets, Chinese mobile game manufacturers are squeezing into local game markets relying on the rich domestic development resources and the mature monetization model of advertising platforms.