Pascal’s Wager Has Sold More Than 1 Million

Pascal’s Wager Has Sold More Than 1 Million

“THE PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” sales exceeded 1 million. The Chinese console-level mobile game is really successful?

TapTap 9.0 point, with full platform sales of 1 million, this console-level mobile game is a success.

November 14, at the 2020 WePlay, the producer of the domestic buyout stand-alone game “THE PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” and the founder of Tipworks Studio announced that the sales of the game had exceeded 1 million. According to information, the game was officially launched on iOS in January 2020 in China, and TapTap was launched in May 2020. At the same time, TapTap is also the Android’s exclusive platform of “PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION”.

In fact, the time when “PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” is really noticed by players should be 2018. At that time, after its debut at E3, this game was called “a surprise work” by RPGAMER.

At that time, the domestic media also called it “Dark Souls in mobile” and “Chinese Bloodborne”. In 2019, the work also officially debuted at Apple’s autumn conference. Like “Super Mario Parkour” and “League of Legends Mobile Games”, it has become a demonstration tool to prove the performance of Apple’s new machine.

After the launch, the game also received constant praise from players. The taptap score is still as high as 9.0, with 50w+ purchases and 140w+ followers.

As for TipsWorks, the team behind the game, it was established on December 30, 2016. The founder Yang Yang once worked at Konami and has experience in “Pre Evolution Soccer” and other projects.

Yang Yang told BloomGameR that the studio had a very difficult time when developing the game. With the high rent and the limited source of income, Yang was unable to pay the employees. But what moved him was that even if there was no salary, none had left him.

In the second half of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, he had contacted several game companies and investors back and forth, and the unified reply he got was “You did a good job, but it’s not suitable for us.” Until later, the team met The Giant Network.

The cooperation brought a turn for their games, especially in terms of resources and manpower to the team. The Giant Networks also mentioned at the first investor communication meeting in 2020 that “PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” is a key step in their global strategy.

Unlike mainstream mobile games on the market that use in-app payments to make money, “PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” adopts a buy-out payment model. This kind of pay-for-play game, even now, is not welcomed in the domestic mobile market, or even a bit unpopular. However, in an interview with BloomGameR in 2018, Yang Yang called it a “consideration of deep commercialization.”

“What Chinese games lack is not the pursuit for independent games, but how to solve commercial problems.” Yang Yang said that games with nostalgia are worthy of respect, but without commercial elements, it is unlikely to reach more people. This is also the biggest reason why Yang Yang adopted the business model of the buyout system.

But Yang Yang also said frankly that when they were working on this game, they were not fully sure. The original idea was to be a Demo with the ideal console quality. If it doesn’t work, it would be worthwhile to take this Demo to find a job. Until later, the Giant’s capital comes, and the game’s sales of more than one million in less than a year, also let them find that it is feasible to do console games on mobile platforms.

From the evaluation of “Dark Souls in Mobile Games”, we can also see that the most players of “PASCALS WAGER ANNUNCIATION” are hardcore players.

As for what is hardcore, Yang Yang thinks that the difficulty of the game must not be solved by RMB. For example, players can win by studying the weaknesses of the bosses and attack them skillfully, so that no matter how many similar bosses they face, they can easily pass the level.

And if it is a game of “recharging money and becoming stronger”, asking the player to do it again, it is equivalent to asking the player to pay again, which is unacceptable for hardcore players.

“So our current domestic distribution platform is TapTap. The traditional mobile game platform must not be included because of different player attributes. Not to mention the game is not free to download, if you can’t beat the Boss and yet there’s no way to solve it with money, the game is just not their style.” Yang Yang said in the interview.

To a large extent, the huge sales of such a mobile game with a buyout system and console-game quality in the market also confirms that the domestic game market is undergoing transformation.

With the gradual influx of hardcore players into the mobile terminal, the maturity of the original light-to-moderate mobile game players, coupled with the rise of various vertical distribution platforms, the era when game content is the king may no longer be just a beautiful vision.