Another Eden:The Cat Beyond Time and Space Not So Hot in China?

Another Eden:The Cat Beyond Time and Space ll

Why are the former hot game “not so hot” in domestic game market?

On November 4th, “Another Eden: Cat Beyond Time and Space” developed by WFS and published by Xindong Network was officially launched in China.

It has been almost two years since XD announced that it will log on to the national server in 2018. This Japanese-style original RPG won the Google Play Annual Most Innovative Mobile Game Award in 2017, and it also reached 6 million downloads in Japan.

Seeing in this way this game should also be huge in China.

However, within 5 days of launching, the total number of downloads available for Android and iOS is only 400,000+ (Qimai data,TapTap and Haoyou Kuaibao, for reference only), its ranking on the iOS game free list is also out 10.

Actually if we just look at its rating score, “Another Eden: Cat Beyond Time and Space” should perform very well. After its launch, the TapTap score has risen from 8.5 to 9.2, which is still rare in the gaming circle.

But if you look into the comments of the players, it is not too happy.

In many players’ comments they mentioned that “Another Eden: Cat Beyond Time and Space” is of high quality and has a very old classic JRPG style, which is quite rare today.

After all, many mobile would add all kinds of weird settings in the game to “make money”. However, the trouble for this game also lies here…

When players first entered the game they have to keep tapping the screen for the game plot. At first they might get involved in the game and after a while they would found the plot is too long that the fingers started to sore. They want to find the skip button but oops there is none except the 2× button, but the 2-times quicker button is kind of useless.

Without any exaggeration in 2 hours’ play the time for conversation accounted for 1.5h, leaving only 15mins for fighting and 15 mins for running the map.

Let alone that the main storyline needs to be clicked constantly, the “protagonist” needs to talk to everyone after the gacha drawing(cannot be skipped). This is too tormenting for most players who are used to fast-paced gameplay.

In fact, the “feature” of JRPGs is to allow players to slowly dive into the game plot and create a strong sense of game immersion. However, for the fast-paced modern life, this original gameplay is not so popular, it will be difficult to be widely accepted.

Many players were dismissed because of the “time-consuming” problem.

Time-consuming issues,slightly meaningless side plots, various issues are mixed together.

 In “Another Eden: Cat Beyond Time and Space”, there is a deviation in ratings and player attitudes, especially for the older generation who have experienced JRPG games. They praise it because of high game quality, but on the other side the repetitive sense of boredom makes it too difficult to keep playing.

From this we should know no matter it is game going overseas or introducing in domestic, localization should be taken into full consideration.

So do you like this JRPG?