Top 10 Bestseller Games List (iOS)


The biggest change in the Top 10 of the Best-selling List is the No.3  MOONLIGHT BLADE topped the iOS best-selling list for two days, beating the HOK and Peacekeeper Elite which have been on the top of the list for such a long time.

The other game on the list didn’t change so much.

Among the 10 best selling game in China, over half of them are adapted from classical IPs: Three Kingdoms , The Journey to The West.


Roblox went back to the No.1 in the list and it shows the great operation work of this game after so many years after its launch.

Pokemon Go beats Candy Crush Saga and entered the Top3 in the list. Still half of the list is light casual and hyper-casual games.

The currently-hot Genshin Impact fell out of the Top 10 for the first time in a long time.

In the Top 10 there is only one Chinese-developed games: COD Mobile, which is very popular in overseas market.


The overall list remain almost the same except the female-oriented game Disney Twisted Wonderland fell back to a normal degree in the List.

Another game worth noticing is the classic TCG game released in 2002, after almost 20 years it is still active in the best-selling list, which is actually a national-treasure level game.

Also Netease’s Knife Out is back to the TOP5 of the list and FGO fell out of the list for the first time.

We can see Japanese players are quite fond of ACG games.

This time three Chinese-developed games are included in the Top 10 List. They are still Genshin Impact from miHoYo, Knife Out from Netease, and Mafia City from Yotta.

South Korea

The overall change of Korean list is not so big: Classic mobile game Kart Rider Rush surpassed Lineage M becoming the No.1 on the list, and the Top 3 remained the same.

The hot Chinese mobile game Genshin Impact still stays in the Top5 and was surpassed by another hot Chinese RPSTG game Rise of Kingdoms, which is No.7 in the list.

The Top 10 list is still dominated by the local Korean game company Nexon with only 3 games from China.


The Top 3 of the list all come from Chinese game company: PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang and Genshin Impact from miHoYo, which is very similar to HOK in China.

We can see Chinese mobile games are very popular in South East Asia, among the 10 games there are 5 games which are from China game company.

The game preference of Malaysian players are very obvious that 5 out of 10 are Action games, also the Top3 are dominated by Action game for a long time.


The classical casual game Coin Master from Moon Active still is the No.1 of the list and the among the Top 10 we can see there is no specific game genre that dominates the list, which means Thailand people have no obvious game preference.

which are from China. Among the 10 games there are 6 Chinese-developed games. The palace-fighting game from Clicktouch and Chuang Cool Games are still doing good in South-East Asia.


Chinese games are also very popular in Singapore, Genshin Impact is the No.2 in the Best-selling games and the No.1 is COD: Mobile.

Two palace-fighting simulation games of Clicktouch are in the Top 10 list.

In the list we can see that there is no obvious favour for Singapore player. The successful Chinese game company Moonton is still doing good in Singapore market with Mobile Legend Bang Bang on the Top10 list.