Netease ll GAME: Onmyoji: The Card Game Is Released Globally

Today Onmyoji: The Card Game has been offically released in the following countries: Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia.

It means the game is officially finishing its process of going overseas.

It actually is a spinoff of Onmyoji, whcih is a duel card mobile game.

Despite being under the same franchise, the game creates a very different sensation from the original Onmyoji for collectible card game. Its strategic core is the combining of Shikigami and its exclusive cards. Each deck is compiled with 4 Shikigami, which equipped with 8 exclusive cards each. Shikigami will fight in turn in the combat zone, offering a rapidly changing fighting experience.

Onmyoji: The Card Game has prepared a rich variety of game content, including a PVP Ranking System that match player with a worthy adversary and a Story System that unlocks plots by PVE duels.

While the game was first released in Taiwan, China, and the reaction of Taiwan players are quite good and later this year it was released in China.

The rating score on Taptap is currently 6.3, kind of in the middle level, not so bad and not so good.

Most players in China playing this game are the old players for Onmyoji, a veteran ACG game that was huge when it was released. With this great IP, Netease created two spins-off. The two have some similarities but the first is much more plain in the gamers’ reception.

Though the rating score of the first spin-off is higher than the latter with 8.1 point, the download number is much much smaller than the second one with a less popularity.

Also the problems players in the comment area mostly mention are bugs and the too-simple game modes. However, foreign players are quite thrilled about this game.

So let’s wait and see how the foreign players thinking about this game.