Genshin Impact: Foreign Reviews Collection

It has been 20 days since Genshin Impact’ global release.From the concessive reports from home and abroad we can say the game is totally a hit.

Within 20 days, it has received TGS 2020 game award and Sony PlayStaion’s Player’s Choice Winner.

We all know Genshin Impact is better received in foreign countries than at home as we reported before, but how about now? Is it still be praised around the global? Let’s have a look.
When the game was just released, the most words all the presses used to describe this game is related to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

From GamesRadar+

After several days, with the real game experience, most players were really enjoyed the game and major game media abroad gave out good review.

From IGN

Also the game is no longer only can be related with BoTW.

But this isn’t just some copycat, as Genshin Impact’s fantastical world, wide array of diverse playable characters, and deep RPG systems are all unique and awesome enough to let it stand on its own two feet – and every one of the more than 120 hours I’ve spent in Teyvat has been an absolute blast.


“Sure, the similarities with Zelda are not subtle. While the character design takes a much more anime-inspired approach, the realm of Teyvat bears more than a passing resemblance to the plains of Hyrule. Mechanics such as gliding, use of stamina, an abundance of environmental puzzles, the UI for item management, cooking at fireplaces, hunting benign animals for meat, and other elements appear to have been plucked wholesale from Nintendo’s masterpiece.”

—-From IGN

Also the game made great revenue from home and aborad. If the money a game made is some criteria for a quality of a game, then Genshin Impact can be said a very good game.

From IGN
From Gamesradar+

Also a game can not not have bad review, even for such a welcomed game like Genshin Impact.

The reputation of this game at home has already gone bad for a long time, but it is still in a good condition outside except for some minor problems our Chinese players have been complained for a long time like the painful microtransactions and extremely low drop rate, limited co-multiplayer mode and the whole grinding game processes.

Even with all these problems the reputation of Genshin Impact is still not bad. 84/100 on PCGAMER, 9 on IGN and 7 on Metacritic.

In overall, the game does have some problems and they are well known to all players around the world. 

However foreign players obviously have a bigger heart for a game like this and the problems of this game don’t bother them so much like we do. 

Comparing with a low Taptap score of 4.8, the ratting of this game abroad is quite generous—-not because the foreign players are more loose, they just care different aspects.

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