ByteDance Game’s Overseas Success: Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era

After ByteDance start the game business, Ohayoo became famous in 2019 with its major products, and his achievements in the field of casual games are widely accepted.

But heavy games are different. In this core area that is generally considered to require accumulation, many people suspect that it will take at least two or three years for the byte beat to achieve results.

Facts have proved that two or three years are still too conservative.

On October 15, the mobile game “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” developed by Shanghai Junmeng Research and jointly released by Gravity and ByteDance’s affiliated company Relaternity, was launched simultaneously in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China.

Three days later, on October 18th, in just one weekend, “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Generation” successfully reached the top of the three best-selling lists, and successfully topped the list.

Tianfeng Securities predicted that the first day of turnover exceeded one million. US dollars, monthly turnover is expected to exceed 100 million yuan.

According to forecasts, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan version of “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” is also expected to achieve 300 to 500 million turnover in Q4 this year, and it may publish in Southeast Asia later and break the previous “Ragnarok RO: Guarding Eternal Love”’s record.

If the predicted data come true, “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” will be Bytedance’s first overseas heavy game with a turnover of over 100 million, representing a major breakthrough in Bytedance’s heavy game and overseas business.

At present, the ByteDance game team is spread all over Beijing, Shanghang, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. The casual game is led by Ohayoo, but the banner of heavy games has never been found.

Until October 15, the medium-to-heavy game platform “Chao Xi Guang Nian” under Bytedance was released, and the game official website will be officially launched soon, and the English brand “Nuverse” will be launched.

Then “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” came along.

At present, Bytedance’s game business, excluding regional team factors, basically presents a situation where casual games Ohayoo and heavy games Nuverse are both grasped.

Including “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era”, there are currently 6 products under the current Nuverse Developer ID, including the two-dimensional “Eden’s Door” and the Match-3 game “Ohana Island: Flower Shop” and “Rosetown Diary”, SLG “The Great Knight”, and RTS “War Art”.

It’s not difficult to see that, unlike Ohayoo’s focus on casual games, the light years are more omnivorous, not just heavy games, but more casual match-3 + development, which is equally sweet.

Tianfeng Securities predicts that “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” is expected to exceed 250 million yuan in Southeast Asia in the future.

This number may be conservative.

After all, “Ragnarok RO: Guardian of Eternal Love” has set a record of more than 250 million in Southeast Asia.

The next question is whether ByteDance can get the distribution rights of “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Era” in China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.

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